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REPN June 2022 Event: Philosophy for Children / Community of Philosophical Enquiry

Meeting on 14th June 2022

Online event: 14th June 2022 from 4pm to 5.30pm

Philosophy for Children (P4C) is an international movement which has gained popularity in UK schools in recent years. Also known as the Community of Philosophical Enquiry (CoPE), P4C brings teachers and children together to discuss the things that matter, with studies showing that it can impact positively on academic progress (including literacy, speaking and listening and mathematics) and on social, communication and thinking skills.

In this online session we will introduce the principles and practice of P4C/CoPE, teachers’ and HE educators’ experiences of using P4C/CoPE in the PSHE curriculum in KS1, mathematics in KS1/2 curriculum, its effect on understanding of critical thinking in HE, and how CoPE has been used to support work with parents of children with special needs. There will be time for questions and discussions about some of the issues raised.

Speakers include:

Rhianne Southern, SHU alumni and Year 1 class teacher at Wisewood primary school: ‘How can P4C’s 4 Cs promote children’s understanding of citizenship in the early years?’

Oliver Bartlett, SHU alumni and class teacher at Peak Dale Primary School: ‘The relationship between implementing the learning approach Philosophy for Children and children’s mathematical problem-solving skills’

Dr Katarzyna Fleming, Senior Lecturer, SIoE, Sheffield Hallam University: ‘CoPI as a methodological approach to enable inclusive dialogue in a ‘third space’ – a research perspective’.

Dr Fufy Demissie, Senior Lecturer, P4C lead at SIoE, Sheffield Hallam University: ‘Using a Philosophy for Children Pedagogy in a first-year professional learning module: a collaborative inquiry into tutors’ perceptions of facilitating critical thinking.’

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