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REPN Event Summer 2022 - Video Recordings

Posted on 16th June 2022

We are pleased to make available the video recordings of each speaker at the REPN Event: Philosophy for Children / Community of Philosophical Enquiry that took place on 14th June 2022.


Dr Fufy Demissie, Senior Lecturer, P4C lead at SIoE, Sheffield Hallam University: ‘Using a Philosophy for Children Pedagogy in a first-year professional learning module: a collaborative inquiry into tutors’ perceptions of facilitating critical thinking.’


Dr Katarzyna Fleming, Senior Lecturer, SIoE, Sheffield Hallam University: ‘CoPI as a methodological approach to enable inclusive dialogue in a ‘third space’ – a research perspective’.


Rhianne Southern, SHU alumni and Year 1 class teacher at Wisewood primary school: ‘How can P4C’s 4 Cs promote children’s understanding of citizenship in the early years?’


Oliver Bartlett, SHU alumni and class teacher at Peak Dale Primary School: ‘The relationship between implementing the learning approach Philosophy for Children and children’s mathematical problem-solving skills’


Attached Files

Video Session Chat [File: REPN JUNE CHAT.txt]


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